take a trip to outer space with this guess my planet game. children will enjoy learning about the planets while fine-tuning their strategy and social skills. take turns guessing the planets in each player's solar system. place a colored peg on the corresponding number when a planet is guessed correctly. when a planet is guessed incorrectly, place a natural colored peg. continue to guess, and map out your opponent's solar system. the player who guesses the most planets is the winner! enjoy this game at home, on the go, or under the stars!

  • package size: 11.02" x 2.95" x 7.4"
  • product size: 11.02" x 2.95" x 7.4"
  • 1.95 lbs
  • sustainably made in thailand using chemical-free rubberwood, formaldehyde-free glue, organic pigments and water-based dyes.
  • suitable for 3 years and older