With over 60 cocktails to shake, muddle and stir, Home Bar features the favorite boozy recipes of drinks expert and TV host Andy Clarke alongside colorful commentary on how to host a festive soiree at home.

From basement bars to man caves and backyard tiki huts, the home bar has been a beloved, boozy playground for nearly 75 years. While the heyday of home bars arose in the US after World War II, these days the global pandemic has led us all to invest heavily in our homes and reluctant to mingle with randoms. What better way to entertain than by having friends over for a few drinks!

According to Instagram, today’s home bar is an upmarket concept featuring a trolley, some swanky ice cubes, homemade syrups, and reassuringly overpriced bottle of spirits. Sounds time-consuming, but help is at hand! 

Inside Home Bar, food and drink connoisseur Andy Clarke reveals his top tips on fuss-free entertaining and how to curate the essential kit – from swizzle sticks to spirits, glasses to mixers, and so much more. His recipes will include classic favorites, batch tipples to save time, mocktails as well as his own boozy inventions, guaranteed to get the party started.

  • hardcover 
  • 6.4" x .8" x 8.5"
  • 160 pages
  • ISBN: 1423649885